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„The attitude of an artist who wants to question what is known is noticeable. The loneliness of similar forms is dissolved by a series, actually several  series that have similar characteristics. Within a single format, some elements remain isolated, whether in relation to each ther or independent. After all, like in life, loneliness actually remains the only constant that accompanies us, whether we are in the middle of a pack or in the intimacy of our room. The time is the so-called postmodern, when art has lost the function of default representation. There is an intense artistic activity, where the artist and art have the role of witnesses and, above all, actors of the present, personal moment. The experience of Gloria Sellan is manifested by expressive action, without hesitation and with disrespect towards any firm consistency other than the consistency with herself.”

Eugen Borkowsky,  excerpt  from the foreword to the catalog of the exhibition „Questioning the space“, 2019

“Gloria Sellan exhibits a spatial installation whose compositional structure is conditioned by the layout and context of the positioning. The form of the installation defines a spatial arrangement consisting of several frame objects with a stretched black canvas as a carrier of artistic content. Sellan creates the installation in space in such a way that the appearance of the whole depends on the arrangement of its individual parts / frames. Thus, the work on different exhibition presentations can take on completely different spatial and compositional relations, ie with each new compositional arrangement, the installation is contextualized again. On the other hand, coloristic effects applied to transparent black fabric (tulle) reveal the artistic content of the installation, aimed at exploring the effects of visually perceptual relational phenomena. The intention is to create an optical sensation in the viewer's eye, by using simple materials and through color effects, created by layering color on the transparent surface of the material. ”

Nadežda Elezović,  excerpt  from the foreword to the catalog of the exhibition in Lokvarka Cave, 2019

„With a series of works entitled "Particles", Gloria Sellan emerges from the printmaking process itself, approaching drawing and exploring her own boundaries when it comes to artistic creation. As she says, "printmaking is the basis for all her works", and the constant use of printmaking as a medium of expression leads to overexpression and the need to move away from it, while at the same leaving it space to anticipate its origin. Returning to expressive drawing opens a new space for research and reflection on the work of art as a process.

Such an approach of returning to drawing no longer refers to printmaking itself, no matter how it originates in its aesthetics, but drawing is approached by the artist as one of the steps in the process of creating a broader context, getting out of the safe zone, and the desire to explore. The most intriguing in a work of art for today`s artists is this abolition of the boundaries of the definite.“

Ljiljana Barković, excerpt from the foreword to the catalog of the exhibition „Particles“, 2018

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